The 6 most common reasons why Pine64 won't boot
(04-17-2016, 10:29 AM)tkaiser Wrote:
(04-17-2016, 03:44 AM)tllim Wrote:
(04-15-2016, 01:08 AM)tkaiser Wrote:
(04-14-2016, 07:14 PM)martinayotte Wrote: I change the one I used, 5V 1A, to another one, 5V 2A, and it finally succeeded to boot up !!!

As usual. If the Pine64 folks would start to collect the many simple reasons users run into troubles in a quickstart guide they would save not only most of the disappointed posts here but also their users hours of hours of wasted time.

We will focus on this week to organize a QSG.

You need printed warnings/instructions inside the package. For both sensitivity to electrostatic discharge (some users will kill their Pine64 right after unboxing) and a quickstart guide (can be short but has to point to a web location you should also link to from the forums and your other pages).

Isn't it frustrating also for you when you see your users suffering from all the well known and well understood problems again and again wasting hours of their time? That constantly wrong information is spread in the forums that doesn't really help? 

And why do you provide OS images that do not receive updates (the Arch image)? Your OS image (which is based on longsleep's) has problems with your hardware unlike any of the community provided OS images since you refuse to update it. That's just weird.

Agreed that there are several misstep and catch up. However, we have not refuse to update and need to response more swiftly on the timely update especially the Ethernet driver that create the 2GB board issue that cause us off guide. When we release the 2GB board, it has been tested well in Android and not aware that the Ethernet driver in the BSP was outdated.

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