Rock64 crash randomly during usb 3 copy with RAID1 drive
Alright, I have tested the new Orico USB3.1 type C enclosure on my other SBC, Odroid XU4 (running Arch Linux Arm 4.9.5x) and it turned out to be facing the same problem. So it seems to confirm my suspicion that this is an upstream Linux issue.

The good news is that simply disabling UAS for both Rock64 and Odroid XU4 make the problem disappear. UAS is great but until a viable option is available to make UAS stable, I will just continue to use this USB3.1 enclosure with UAS disabled.

By the way, don't be afraid to use USB3.0 hub but make sure it is a powered hub. If you plan to use more than two disks, get one with a PSU of at least 12V.

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RE: Rock64 crash randomly during usb 3 copy with RAID1 drive - by rontant - 09-17-2017, 06:02 AM

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