LibreELEC Krypton/Leia/Agile 64bit kernel 32bit libs
Here is my community build. Kernel is build as 64bit with 32bit Userspace. It means you can use 32bit armhf packages. I've been doing these builds for a while now for Odroid C2, WeTek.Hub and WeTek.Play2. The benefit in using 32bit packages with an aarch64 kernel is we can use retroplayer emulators that only compile for armhf and we can use precompiled libwidevine to play DRM protected content with Kodi through inputstream.adaptive.

Special thanks go to @peak3d for implementing the great inputstream plugin that makes DRM work with kodi.
Also special thanks to @Kwiboo, @longchair and @omegamoon for the great Rockchip work. These builds are based on kwiboo's LE tree.
And last but not least thanks to @tllim for providing me a Rock64 developer sample.

DISCLAIMER: This is a community build of LibreELEC. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Tar upgrade from "pure" aarch64 builds might work. Use the following steps:
touch /storage/.update/.nocompat
rm /storage/.kodi/addons/packages

Then you will have to reinstall all addons from my Repo. My Repo (RB-Addons) ist preinstalled and features the same addons as official LibreELEC does. I'm rebuilding all addons from source.

If you are updating from one of my previous builds you just need to put the tar in /storage/.update/

Download on Github:
Source code on Github:

If you like my build and you want to buy me a beer or whatever.
Bitcoin: 12zLUYC7JzwM7a8cQKekAvZr9kWxjzTfxm

That's my first build. Based on kwiboo's build.
-kwiboo's libcec Adapter for feature complete CEC support in Kodi.
-HEVC HW decoding working
-H.264 HW decoding working
-I've tested DAZN with inputstream.adaptive and libwidevine from Chromeos and it's working pretty good.
- VC-1 and mpeg2 are not HW decoded which makes VC-1 basically unusable
- Occasional graphic glitches

Use at your own risk.

Netflix and Amazon VOD Streaming will be working when the first LE9 (rb-leia) build is ready for the Rock64. I'll also start focusing on Leia and I will drop Support for Krypton in the future.

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