Frustrating - Is there any 'good' OS?
(07-06-2018, 05:22 AM)guidol Wrote: I dont know why the "actual" armbian-link
[June 19] Armbian (5.46) Pinebook 
doesnt work, but I wish in the near future something with a newer kernel than 3.10 Smile

Like the armbian 5.51 with Kernel 4.17.3 out of the armbian-build-system...

Its without GUI and Wifi doesnt work, but a USB-Ethernet does get the network going Smile

I'm having a good experience at the moment with Netrunner. I have a post over on that thread on how to get it to update from the Debian repos, which enables the wifi to auto-connect. If you combine that with the sleep "workaround" script also mentioned in that thread, you have a system that works pretty well. The only remaining problem is that sound doesn't return after sleep (and sleep for some reason leaves the green power light on). I just tested that feature with Q4OS, and it has the same problem with sound.

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