ROCK64 in the mainline kernel
(10-01-2017, 06:18 AM)maal Wrote: I've compiled and successfully booted mainline kernel 4.14-rc2 - only to find out that it lacks USB3 controller support.
For now I am staying with Auyfan 4.4 kernel.

To be honest I am not sure RC3 was released the other day and guess its going to be soon.
Its not going to be long before the completed version is released 4.14 is supposed to be much smaller than 4.13 that I think got to RC7.

We are maybe only a couple of weeks to a month or so away from completion.

Its a rolling road for the devs so until its finalized guess we might not see much more than a few trials.

A guess might be the kernel and device blob hacks to get 4.4 going are now causing problems in 4.14 where the pinning is keeping 4.4 hacks? I dunno.

Has anyone compiled a complete image without any of the Rock64 4.4 inclusions just to see how it completely fails with 4.14 vanilla? Smile
Have the power domains and much of the GPU beeen supported or are we never going to see that unless using newer DRI/DRM implementations.

I have sort of been going round in circles as there always seem to be a dependency or performance problem.
I tried Kodi Krypton (XBMC) on Artful and it fails with the Mail completely with the current 4.4 kernel and uses a VMWare virtual MESA driver and to say it sucks.
Xenial throws dependency errors with missing packages and guess maybe I need to revert back to that.

4.4 is 99% and 4.14 dunno miles off and with my usual luck in what I have been doing I seem to hit that 1%.

Rockchip, RK3328 and Rock64 is going the right direction but currently its a bit frustrating especially with GPU optimization.

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