spacebar not responding unless hitting the exact center
(08-28-2017, 08:47 PM)evil Wrote: Hi all,

My pinebook arrived today and I am very happy with its look and am happily running android 7.1 now. Still one thing that's bother me a lot is that the spacebar must be pushed exactly the center (around 1.5~2 cm) in order to have pinebook to register a keystroke. I used to place my thumb on the 1/3 of the left (and right) of the spacebar when I am typing, this is killing me that now every single spacebar I hit it's not taken by the pinebook.

Am I getting a defective pinebook or this is the usual case?

Unfortunately, this is normal with the current keyboard module;  

... I have been experimenting with the "old style" keyboard module from the older Oakbook.  I replaced my keyboard module with the older one, which corrected the problem entirely.

TLLim is contemplating reverting back to the "old Style" module with the next release of Pinebooks,  but still wants two more people to test first (this week hopefully).

See posts #4, #9, #10, #11, #12  of this thread.

Yes, the new-style keyboard module sucks.  As you've noticed the keys must be hit in the precise center of the key firmly;  but not too hard !
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