Xenial Mate: Screensaver Preview & LibreOffice Slideshow problems

I replicated your solutions and they work as described.
These do not keep you from entering the problem, but they let you escape from an otherwise bad situation.

When you enter a 'lock up' from Control Center -> Screensaver -> Preview, then your 'ctrl + alt + F1' procedure does indeed let you get back to a working desktop. Great!

Likewise, from System -> lock screen, the mouse moves, but nothing else appears to work. However as you indicate, by pressing the Enter key, blindly typing my password, and again pressing the Enter key, I can resume with a fully operational desktop. How the heck did you ever figure this one out? After the fact, it seems plausible, but I don't think I would ever have thought to try the Enter-password-enter combination on my own.  Great!

As suggested, I've unchecked the "lock screen when screensaver is active" check-box on the Screensaver window. I haven't let the system go to screensaver when idle yet, but this should happen overnight.

Thank you very much for the workarounds!!! Anything I can do to help get a fundamental solution to this problem?

What about the LibreOffice Impress Slideshow issue?


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