ROCK64 as a server
I'm looking for a low power replacement for my 1U server.

I run plex media server, apache, and deluge all with very low usage. I was hoping to get 1080p hevc 8bit @ 24fps decoding and 1080p x264 8bit @ 24fps encoding simultaniously (basically transcoding). I'm not sure if that is kind of an unrealistic goal for an single board computer. Apache and deluge sit close to 0% cpu usage on my server so I'm really only concerned with plex transcoding.

I also plan on running ZFS mirrored on 2 USB3 ports (using a splitter on the ROCK64). but I assume that's a little outside the scope of the experts on this forum.

Currently I am between the Odroid XU4 and ROCK64 but if anyone has any better suggestions I'm all ears.

And my last consideration is software. I run Arch Linux on almost all my servers but as I understand it, software support is still very behind on the ROCK64 whereas the XU4 has been around the block.

Is the XU4 or ROCK64 a better choice to suit my needs?

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