Rock64 performance: eMMC / SD Card / USB3 (SSD/HDD)
(08-16-2017, 08:23 AM)fire219 Wrote:
(08-16-2017, 07:42 AM)stuartiannaylor Wrote:

eMMC Interface
 Compatible with standard iNAND interface
 Compatible with eMMC specification 4.41, 4.51, 5.0 and 5.1
 Support block size from 1 to 65535Bytes
 Support three data bus width: 1-bit, 4-bit or 8-bit
 Support up to HS200; but not support CMD Queue and HS400

With a 200Mhz clock & 8 bit data bus the interface should be capable of a theoretical throughput of 200 MB/s

But what HS200 is and how its employed on the ROCK64 ??! I am not worthy Smile

If we are getting the same speed as SD purely because of the cost of the sourced eMMC in the store then it doesn't make a lot of sense if for a few bucks more you can more than double SD throughput?

HS200 is basically the spec for running eMMC at 200Mhz (and therefore theoretical 200MB/s output, as you mentioned).

The eMMC that came with the preproduction Rock64s comes close to saturating its bus. It is the same chip family (Foresee NCEMBSF9) that comes in the Pinebooks. I think it is still what is for sale on the Pine store, though I could be wrong.

I ordered a 32Gb eMMC module with the Rock64 because I made the presumption it would be faster than my usual choice of a Samsung EVO+ 32Gb as they seem to work fine.
Its no biggie as I am just like a child in a sweet shop and just tinkering when I get delivery.

I thinks its me who misread some info or picked up a bum steer along the way as I got it in my head that it was being said not much difference.
Yeah I think HS200 is single channel & HS400 is dual channel but near 200MB/s is a lot, lot quicker than my experience of a Pi 3 with an Evo+

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