Read if you experience issues with screen flickering
Edit (15/10/2017) Newest pre-release image allows you to set display mode to fix flickering. Check ayufan's git

It seems that the newest batch (as of 04/08/2017) of Pinebooks shipped with an older Ubuntu image based on 3.10.105-bsp-1.2-ayufan-59 (you can check if your's is running this version by typing uname -a in terminal). 

Some Pinebook's experience screen flickering while running this kernel version, which is solved by upgrading to newest release version. 

To update your installation navitgate to /usr/local/sbin and run the following update scripts: 

sudo ./ 0.6.2
sudo ./ 0.6.2
sudo ./ 0.6.2

Run all three and then reboot.

For those feeling adventures and who want to try out pre-release images with additional features but also bugs and broken settings please see ayufan's git releases with instructions on how to update.
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