eta linux image??
(08-03-2017, 09:29 PM)firosiro Wrote: Pine64 corp when will you have Ubuntu linux ready?

You promised I think in one of the videos a demonstration of Linux on pine64. It would be good to see it now, especially since the delays.

firosiro, have you not even looked at any of the posts on the forum, at the links at the top of the page to images, or on the wiki? In case you didn't realise it, any image mentioning Xenial is based on Ubuntu - as that is the codename for the 16.04 Long Term Support release of Ubuntu. 

The pine64 has had linux support for well ever a year now, since sometime around February/March 2016, and the most actively developed and supported distro is Ubuntu. Grab yourself the pine64 installer, and look through the list of images available (once you choose pine64 from the drop-down menu!!), or have a look at the list on the wiki

Finally, welcome to the forum!

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