HELP Ubuntu Mate password recovery procedure
Greetings from a Pine64 Ubuntu Mate newbie! 

I have set up Ubuntu Mate on a Pine64 2GB a month ago to "not ask password at login". The problem now is I somehow have forgotten the password for root and I cannot do updates and upgrades, installation/removal/purge of packages.

Tried some web searches for recovering the root password (pressing "shift" or "Cntrl" at bootup to access GRUB) but those procedures presented were not applicable for Pine64 Ubuntu Mate (cannot access GRUB).

If there is a better recovery procedure, I (and probably a lot of others) will be more than happy follow it so that I can recover/reset the password.

As of now I can still access/use my Ubuntu Mate as a Linux desktop, but would like to start updating it to the latest available updates/upgrades.

Many thanks!

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HELP Ubuntu Mate password recovery procedure - by Captain Anni Hilator - 08-01-2017, 08:31 AM

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