Boots just fine. Can not install new image.
If you are running the stock Ubuntu Mate image that came with the pinebook, you'll find it both slower than the current ayufan builds (plus all the inevitable bug fixes and tweaks that have come over time). 

You will find android quite slow on the pinebook via microSD card unless you use a card with good random I/O performance. I would recommend that if you intend to be booting from the SD for stuff, that you get yourself a could of Samsung EVO cards... they have the best random I/O performance and have proven to be very reliable. The best setup if you want to be able to use android AND linux is to install android to your eMMC as that will give Android the best performance, and then use Linux from your microSD.

Unfortunately there is no BIOS/preboot screens. If you get a USB to serial adapter though, you could enable the serial UART on the headphones jack, and see what is going on, but I can almost guarantee that if you try a different card type you won't have any issues (since you've used Etcher and corrupt or faulty microSDs shouldn't be an issue). 

I believe there may be an issue with 64GB+ cards (as they going into the XC class), but I need to find out more about that.

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