If it is just a matter of stuff on your desktop, and in your home folder, it is possible, and that that hard to do. 

For example, just after running the script on my pinebook a minute ago (as it was finally time to do a clean upgrade of the eMMC Wink ) I was able to run the following to mount the newly prepared eMMC install, which would allow files to be copied in. N.B. I'm not sure if partprobe is needed, but I thought it was a good idea since the eMMC had just been overwritten!

sudo -i
mkdir /mnt/eMMCp2
mount /dev/mmcblk1p2 /mnt/eMMCp2

At this point, /mnt/eMMCp2/home/pine64 is the /home partition on the eMMC storage, and you are still running from your SD card, so you could copy stuff across. In case you are thinking of doing a "cp -R /home/pine64/* /mnt/eMMCp2/home/pine64/" ... I wouldn't recommend it... you'll also copy across a bunch of cache and configuration files that would best be created by the OS itself on it's next boot. Be selective, and specifically copy across the stuff you want. i.e. the Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos folders are all good candidates.

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