PCB sheets or other docs of the ROCK64?
(07-13-2017, 08:02 AM)RKD78Y6 Wrote: Hi forum members and the crew behind ROCK64,

I am a 3d designer and like to design a case for the ROCK64. The problem is that i can´t find any information about the format of the ROCK64.

Thx for replaying. Smile

Start with the RPi layout, but be aware that there are several 'twitchy' differences that will drive you nuts.  
1) IR receiver protrudes beyond the edge of the card quite a bit
2) barrel jack connector is in the wrong place, but depending on case design isn't a big deal
3) push button switches on the Rock64 do not exist on the RPi , so must be accounted for
4) recovery button on the Rock64 requires a hole in the top case for access
5) PI P5+ bus requires a cutout for cables through the top case;  this was a fit but easily accomplished with dremel
6) The biggest fit was the pins that protrude from the bottom of the card at the edge where the usb ports exist on the Rock64... these pins (and components) do not exist on the edge of the RPi card, and cause particular problems especially for the C4Labs Zebra case, if you're starting there.
7) Rock64 has more LED(s) on the main board than the RPi;  and in different position.  These must be accounted for in your case design, if you're interested.
8) the Rock64 board is ever so slightly 'thicker' than the RPi board... it has an additional copper layer that acts like a heatsink across the entire board;  this caused a slight problem for the C4Labs case holding layer ;  again just a bit of planning

The best bet is to get a production Rock64 board to do your measurements;  measure twice, cut one.
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