First images with DRM and Mali support for A64
I have a pine64 board (2GB RAM) from kickstarter. I want to activate MALI hardware acceleration (I want to run glmark2-es2 with from ARM).
I download xenial-minimal-pine64-bspkernel-0.7.5-88.img.xz on my laptop and unpack the img file. I copy the img file to the microSD card:
unxz xenial-minimal-pine64-bspkernel-0.7.5-88.img.xz
dd bs=4M if=xenial-minimal-pine64-bspkernel-0.7.5-88.img of=/dev/sdb
I put the microSD card in the pine64 board and after about a minute I see a black screen (virtual terminal 1) with a login text.
I login with user:pine64/pass:pine64.
I execute:
apt-add-repository -y ppa:ayufan/pine64-ppa
apt-get update
apt-get install -y xserver-xorg-video-armsoc-sunxi libmali-sunxi-utgard0-r6p0
After 1 minute I see a black screen (virtual terminal 1) with a login text
I login with user:pine64/pass:pine64 and i have no graphical interface.
I was expecting a graphical interface like Ubuntu with windows and mouse and stuff.
I want to login, see the desktop, launch glmark2-es2 from a terminal emulator and see glmark2-es2 running without errors. I understand that in glmark2 a score of 97 is good.

What steps am I missing?

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RE: First images with DRM and Mali support - by nugu53 - 03-22-2018, 05:20 PM

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