Design custom board
(07-08-2017, 11:59 PM)behnam_sh Wrote: Hi every body
Does any one designed any custom board based on the PINE64 schematic so far? any source to buy RK3368?

Thank you

I think you might be getting your wires crossed a bit... pine64 and RK3368? pine64 has a Allwinner A64 processor, and the rock64 has a RK3368 processor Wink

The rock64 has only just been announced, so I don't think any derivative designs will be surfacing any time soon Wink As far as the pine64 space, a couple of people have been working on boards using the SoPine compute module, so there is that. 

I hope you are able to talk more about any projects you have in mind... this is what open source hardware and designs are all about!

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