How to install and boot ROCK64 from eMMC?
(07-12-2017, 06:08 PM)tllim Wrote: Here is the eMMC installation guide:

So I looked at these instructions and they seem more targeted towards Android.  The Linux section appears to be highly abbreviated and quite complex.  So we need to download and compile an application?  This could be a challenge for an average user who does not have Git installed.  Will "make" work out of the box with Windows or does it need to be installed?  As an FYI, you have a typo on page 5.  The section is referring to Linux, but you link to the Android images.

I think that it would be simpler to focus on the method described in an earlier post where you provide an image for an SDcard that includes the eMMC creation scripts.  You then boot off of that and run the script.  That just seems more straightforward.

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