smartphone based on a pine64
the idea is more for acdiemic purposes and bragging rights with my mates  Big Grin

i want to use a pineA64 and c4labs zebra case with a 4.5''-5'' lcd touchscreen to build a dumb smartphone

i have a c4labs screen case with 7" screen, mine is about 4mm thicker and another few custom plates for battery, amp and tablet speakers but its a tad big to carry around with its 7" screen 

with a smaller screen the battery would last longer 

its a bummer Confused the pine doesent have the case and screen options of the rpi3b and the module options of the arduino 

ill need to make sure i get a 3-4G cellullar module because Australia gov is shutting down the 2G network here

FONA will work here but its made for arduino so im not sure about the pine

i seen some modules theat use i2c, is i2c plug and play?

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