New Pinebook 14'' does not boot from sd card
(07-27-2017, 06:25 AM)tillea Wrote:
(07-25-2017, 03:42 AM)guidol Wrote: Q4OS is build on debian 8 Jessie.....isnt that enough?
İf you disable the DE and do edit sources.list - isnt that debian not near enough a "real" debian-system? ;-)

After now having successfully put that on SD card I can confirm that this is enough for my purpose (provided an upgrade would work flawlessly as I know it from any intel based maching).  However, I now want to flash my 64GB eMMC and I realised that I need another image for this and those dedicated eMMC images do not contain Q4OS.  I admit I keep on wondering why this is so complicated with flashing prepared images instead of simply firing up an installer as I was using on intel based machines.  I've got the advise that I should wait a bit until there might be Debian based eMMC flash images, but I had expected that I would get this machine up and running a bit faster.
Thanks for all the hints anyway, Andreas.

Ah nice... i didn't realise Q4OS was based on Debian (or should I say that now that I write that, I do remember that it *wasn't* based on Ubuntu Xenial Wink Learn (and re-learn) something everything every day!

(07-27-2017, 09:01 AM)Luke Wrote:
Quote:I admit I keep on wondering why this is so complicated with flashing prepared images instead of simply firing up an installer as I was using on intel based machines.

I'll quote Xalius here:

Quote:Just because RPI made embedded Linux seem simple doesn't mean that it actually is. 
(not an actual quote)

I'll also add to that:

"Just because ayufan makes developing linux images for the pine64/rock64 seem simple doesn't mean it actually is." :-P

And also as this extra info as well Wink It is complicated for a number of reasons, but the big one (apart from closed systems and lack of documentation) is because the x86 platform is relatively simple in comparison to ARM, and has been around a lot longer. With x86, the instruction set is (relatively) the same, and the BIOS (and now EFI) did all the heavy lifting of getting the system started. No such luck with ARM... you have to do everything yourself, and each ARM manufacturer does things slightly differently, so it really is re-inventing the wheel each time. Can't just take a pine64 image and slap it on a rock64... AllWinner A64s do not work the same as Rockchip RK3328s. Same as you can't boot a OrangePi from a Raspberry Pi image, etc, etc, etc. Once you get a lot of the basics down... boot stuff, kernel, yeah, sure, you can slap in a generic rootfs... but even then, you need a aarch/arm64 one for 64bit ARM CPUs, and an armhf for the 32bit ones... etc... etc... Basically... it's not simple! :-P Now, if manufacturers started adding SPI flash and make a EFI loader ("BIOS") for their board before releasing it... that would make life SO much easier.... that is slowly starting to happen.

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