HDMI overscan problem
I have tried the above commands, but they don't help enough. I am using a Dell 2408WFP monitor at 1920 x 1080. This is a widescreen monitor, will Full HD resolution.

The fbset application installs OK any can be used to change the frame buffer size.
Stopping the lightdm service makes my screen go black (no GUI / Window Manager). I need to reset the PINE before I can do anything else.
Using the above fbset command split my screen into two parts, the the RHS being a duplicate of the LHS. There were two mouse cursors! I think this was caused by the -vxres and -vyres parameters (or possibly -a). Using -xres and -yres on their own seemed to work OK.
Using the command fbset -xres 1280 brought the desktop items back onto the screen (shifting the left edge of the screen to it's proper place). However, the fond size became as little larger, as the screen resolution decreased. I tried to use the -yes option to get the taskbar to appear correctly, but even with -yres 300 the taskbar was still partially off the top of the screen and there was nothing at the bottom of the screen.

Hope this helps.
David Hardingham

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