Anyway to run Teamviewer for ARM/Pinebook?
(06-29-2017, 01:00 PM)Ekkaia Wrote: Tried host version (...armhf.deb) (install requires a lot of libqt5* libs) so "sudo gdebi ...deb" and done almost ok and fails in some "qtdeclarative5*" libs.
Anyway Host version is "not" the solution: the goal is to access to your PCs from pinebook (for support for example). 

Also tried to install the Teamviewer Chrome application (in Chromium, could be a solution) but when it's going to launch says "Native Client is needed". Also tried to install this "Native Client" (no clue about its existence) but also no luck Sad
Maybe got working this "Native Client" Chrome thing is the simplest solution.

Did you get a resolution to this?  I use Team Viewer (and AnyDesk) for remote support of family member's PCs, as well.  Hate to revert back to my Windoz box for that.  :-)
Dennis Hoshield

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