Co-Pine-ON, Boot co-processor assistant
Love your work... this is exactly what this forum is all about... sharing solutions to problems we've had with others. It certainly ended up neater than I expected it would! Wink

When looking at the next revision of your code, feel free to reuse anything from that you find helpful. It will work as a regularly logged in user, with the following provisions:

In /etc/rc.local, the following (as it needs to be re-applied every boot):
chown -R root:gpio /sys/class/gpio
chmod -R ug+rw /sys/class/gpio

Then the normally logged in user must be in the gpio group i.e.
sudo adduser gpio
sudo usermod -aG gpio your-user-name

I'm intending in the future to make a systemd service version of it so that the /etc/rc.local mods aren't needed. 

Also, a comment at the top of your PIC source to indicate that it is for the PIC12F1501 Wink

EDIT: I also meant to say I'm also eager to hear more about your PICKLY Google Blockly work, as it looks like a great way to get started with PIC programming. Whilst not strictly pine64 related, it deserves future mention here as Google Blockly can also export PHP and Python code, which would be a great starting place for newcomers! Wink

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