Co-Pine-ON, Boot co-processor assistant
Hi, just want to share a little idea (already tested) that I am using to 'assist' my Pine64+ board to boot...

My Pine64 has some kind of boot problem, it only run normally somewhere around 30% of the time (out of 10 times, only 3 boot is successful), perhaps a little more or little less...

Unable to understand the problem to try a correction, I had the idea of putting a microcontroller to issue a hardware-reset to the Pine64, every time that the Pine does not boot normally...

Well, the first prototype is working, need some fine tunning and improvements but the overall idea works...
[Image: pine64-drawing-v8-copineON-p1.jpg]

[Image: co-pine-on-photo-zoom-small.jpg]

For the moment, this is the only "stable" way I found to solve the boot issue I am having with my Pine64, and since I want to test/use/learn more this 64bit hardware with 64bit OS, it will be the *solution* for while...

The whole thing is documented and all the files are available:

GitHub files:

Not a really good solution for people who have the same problem but can help depending on the reasons and goals in mind...

Regards all,

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