Remote area surcharge - what is it?
Hy there everyone! 

Received today the following message from Pine email: 

Quote: Wrote:We are pleased to inform you that your order is scheduled to deliver very soon. However, in the midst of your shipment preparation, we come across that your shipping address is located in a remote area. This being said that a remote area surcharge of USD33 will be imposed to the delivery of your shipment. 

So Pine team told me that they are going to charge me 33 USD more because my country is "remote area". First of all, I live in Eastern Europe. Not in Africa or North Pole.  Why my country is in "remote area"? 
Secodly, delivery tariff to my country was mentioned on their website and it is not small - 52 USD per 1 shipment to Ukraine. Why do I need to pay more 33 USD I don't know. 
Thirdly, I don't want to pay anything more untill someone does explain to me where the additional costs came from. 

Hope to receive answer from Pine representatives ASAP. 

Thanks in advance!

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