SystemLED *ON* on boot
(06-11-2017, 03:16 AM)pfeerick Wrote: This might give you some ideas... I just link to this in rc.local at boot... although you could also use a @reboot cron trigger.

Using a MCU to act as a hardware 'watchdog' sounds like fun... please keep us updated on how you go!  Big Grin  I've thought about doing the same myself, but the few times my pine64s get rebooted and play up on boot I just cycle them a few times until they take the hint. I have about dozen 8 leg PICs and ATTinys knocking around that could do the job quite nicely... it might go back onto the long list of things to do! Wink

Hi, thanks for the link, perhaps the little trouble will end up giving us a nice way to explore this sysled stuff..

As soon as I put the first proto working I will post some results and thinking about, if works at least at satisfactory level I will build a little tuto.. also I will acquire more boards (units)...

To be honest, I was expecting to have a better idea about the behavior of the problem... but after some tests and reading online, I still not sure what is the issue itself... my only vague candidate to acuse is, maybe, something conected with the power lines that flows to the SDCard causing the first stage of the bootloading process to freeze...

Of course, the above statement about the SDCard power is my only-vague-candidate for a pattern of behavior to the problem that my unit have... also, I have not done any kind of deep analisys of the problem, so, I am just writing my "first impression" on the subject based on the few data that I have...

So, since the thing is crazy, I think that a little dirt brute-force method can work for me, since I am seeing a good promise on this little board, and I want to use it headless-remote...

So, in a sense, I just want to find ANY solution to the problem, even if we can't state clear what the problem we are solving (which is something strange to say)...

I have/had higher expectations for this board, thinking about the possibility to use it as part of a product/service, but, this part of the thinking is now gone... still, for my own use, I think this SBC is just fine and nice... as long as it can boot...


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