Getting Bluetooth working on Armbian 5.27
(06-01-2017, 01:20 PM)stephen fleming Wrote: I am running Armbian 5.27 with Ubuntu Mate  and need a updated set of steps  to get Bluetooth working.

If you're running 5.27, I take it you are running the *EXPERIMENTAL* mainline build? As AFAIK, 5.25 is the current stable legacy release... unless the mate desktop build is 5.27? If you are using the mainline build, I will just re-iterate what I said before.. it is expermental, is not complete, and this that are buggy or missing will stay that way for a while. Unless you have a burning need for a mainline kernel... stick with the stable legacy build... there is no good reason be using mainline at present unless you really really need something in it or are a developer.

Having said that, since you probably didn't find the article using the forum search as it was related to debian or see the link on the Armbian documentation page for enabling bluetooth... here is the link : . I wrote the original post which is a bit more long-winded because it was intended to document all the steps and a particular usage case. ayufan then wrote the condensed version Wink

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