Digital Signage
(05-30-2017, 07:29 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote:
(05-30-2017, 06:47 AM)redpine Wrote: I got my Pine64 maxed out and was looking to set up digital Signage with it. <snip>
Appreciate any and all feedback.

 What kind of signage?

... couple years back they used the Raspberry PI (nine of them) to create a nine panel large screen "sign" that was truly awesome (could do the same with the pine board).

Your sign could be an automated "power point" presentation (or multiple presentations which rotate through the hour).

Were you planning the sign to have video;  if so, use Android-- if not, then use gnu+linux. The sign can be with or without kiosk; lots of folks have done this , its a great advertising gimmick;  and without a lot of initial expense. Its great for a convenience store, coffee house, bar, name it.

For a coffee house large screen sign I would use a large TV flat panel (can double for sporting events) and then have the sign rotate a "power point" via the pine board running ubuntu linux (or Armbian linux) ;  case the pine board in the C4Labs zebra case with fan, and use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from logitech to control it.

When I started I saw Raspberry doesn't support 4K so that was out of the question immediately. 
PowerPoint doesn't offer enough flexibility to change on the fly.  I actually currently use this but have the users save as wmv then convert to mp4 through an ffmpeg script. 
Yes we have video on our digital signs. 

Right now we have 4 separated 60" Smart 4K LCD TV's soon to grow to 8.  Right now they are just using built-in browser.  They are to show different metrics from our company and 1 is used for announcements.  I've built some simple HTML pages which grab any image or video in a folder and loop through it on our webpage.  I was hoping just to use that with the pine but HTML 5 video and browsers don't seem to work well on the PINE.  
The reason to not just stick with this is when the power blinks or something happens then I have to go in and turn on all the tv's and get them to the right page. Also my boss really wants something in 4K so we can see finer detail and the native browser is 1080 up-scaled. 

Since I need video I was just going to scrap 4K Linux and use Android and let the TV upscale it and try to get the other parts working so I don't have to watch over the TV's consistently.  
For those who don't need video then yes Linux and Power Point seem to work well.  I even got my HTML 5 pages without video to look good but the ones with video never loaded.

Any other thoughts out there? Or Any video and image boards that are working?

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