solar power on a Pine64 tablet
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Yes, if there is enough current to run or charge, AXP803 will run from the VBUS/ACIN, else it will run from the battery. But, will there be any logic circuitry in AXP803, which can combine(mixing) the supplies(Current) of both VBUS and Battery whenever there is no sufficient current from VBUS(here 6V Solar Panel is connected)? 

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From that specific wording of the datasheet, I believe the answer to be... not quite. It looks more like if the current from the solar is insufficient to be the sole power supply, it will switch to the battery, so it seems like it runs from battery or runs+charges the battery as needed from VBUS, not a blend of the two. I can't say for certain, as that doesn't seem to quite tally up with what I have seen of the pinebook... I *thought* it stopped charging and drew the surplus power it needed from the battery... you may need to read through more of the datasheet or try and get in touch with the allpower guys who make the APX803 to find out more unless someone else on the forum has any experience with this chip in that regard?

Quote:if the current is still insufficient, charge current will be reduced to zero, and Battery is used for one of power sources

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