Can not get board to boot up reliably
(06-13-2017, 02:45 PM)Kaarme42 Wrote: Hi

My Pine type is Pine A64-DB-2G-Rev B 2016-03-21 and boot problem is allmost similar than Leo's
"Sometimes boots up or fails due to 'soft lockup' CPU#0 stuck for 22 seconds
at a point when calling cfg80211."

small pause and after that continue until
  717.319035] rt_rq[3]:
[  717.328809]   .rt_nr_running                 : 0
[  717.336718]   .rt_throttled                  : 0
[  717.344600]   .rt_time                       : 0.021607
[  717.353173]   .rt_runtime                    : 950.000000
[  717.361934]
[  717.361934] runnable tasks:
[  717.361934]             task   PID         tree-key  switches  prio     exec-runtime         sum-exec        sum-sleep
[  717.361934] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[  717.401782]
and then small pause. After that bootin starts again and result is tha same lines as upper. (power supply is official Pine international )

Tested operatim systems: Wifi board is installed

Ubuntu Base Image [20161218-1] by longsleep
Ubuntu Minimal Image
Ubuntu Mate [20161215] built by PINE64
Debian Jessie with Mate DE [3.10.102 BSP 2] by Lenny Raposo

Android 7.1 Community Image [v0.3.5-r61]
Tryed severl times reboot and poweroff
This is interesting. I think no total HW problem.

Then I found this thread and tryed pkfpeters's links

ubuntu@pine64:~$ uname -a
Linux pine64 3.10.105+ #1 SMP Thu Jun 8 10:34:39 CEST 2017 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Ten times sudo reboot and result is OK. This is new record :-)
After that I installed "official" WIFI 802.11BGN/BLUETOOTH 4.0 MODULE:
Booting several times  OK, but ifconfig do not show anything about wifi.

Main reason for this post:
- Please keep going this excelent hacking Smile
- Please take a minute and think what is so different with Android 7.1. Official version works
- Maybe someday official Ubuntu and Debian booting is OK.

BR: Kaarme42

Hi Kaarme42,

Thank you for testing. Do you mean by "official" wifi 802.11bgn module, the add on wifi/bt board you can
order in the online Pine shop? I also tested with this board and it should work fine. Have you tried ifconfig -a
or iwconfig ? You should see a wlan0, wlan1 or something similar. You could also try and look if a device
name exists in /sys/class/net by using the command: ls -al /sys/class/net
Once you have a valid device name for your wifi module you can attach your unit to an access point with
the help of wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B -i wlan0   <<-- replace wlan0 with your device name.
If your access point is providing IP addresses (DHCP based) use the following command to aquire a valid IP address
    dhclient -i wlan0   <<-- replace wlan0 with your device name.

You boot log indicates abnormal boot times indeed. I am currently up and running from power on to login prompt in 28seconds. That is
including wifi + lan + usb serial converters + ssh + postgresql database engine. In Debian's case try to make sure udev and/or network interface settings are mostly static in order to prevent network service startup delays.

I hope you know get your wifi module also working. Good luck.

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