Debian Jessie with 4.x.y kernel and complete hardware support?
(04-23-2017, 04:30 PM)Luke Wrote: Hello

I feel like I can shed some light on a few of the things you're inquiring about. For starters, sometime later this year we expect Allwinner to deliver BSP with kernel 4.4. From what I understand, this is more likely to happen in the latter half of the year. 

More importantly however, mainline Linux will likely happen later this year too. Mainlining is a community effort of the Sunxi community, and has nothing to do with Allwinner (the vendor of the A64 SOC). You would have to check in with Sunxi to see exactly how far along they are at this point with support for the A64. 

Regarding Armbian -- they have a long and well established history of supporting Allwinner (but not only) SOCs and their builds are very polished. I wouldn't worry about them vanishing or dropping support for the A64.

Thanks for the explanations, Luke.  I really appreciate it because it gives me a better understanding that Pine64 is dependent on some things from upstream SOC vendor (Allwinner prvides the BSP with 4.x kernel) before they can really get to work and deliver a custom image for the hardware.

Hopefully things will go well for Pine64 this year and see some big leaps forward in terms of updated images.

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