Debian Jessie with 4.x.y kernel and complete hardware support?
Hi Community,

First, hello everyone and good to see some activity here.  I've been playing with my Pine64+ 2GB board and I really like the hardware capability.  I want to use it for openHAB and other embedded projects and with all the GPIO, battery charger, camera, etc. it seems really great for that.  However, I have some concerns about the software support.  

It seems that, for a while now, there still isn't a current Debian Jessie image with 4.x.y kernel supporting all the hardware (ethernet, WiFi, bluetooth, etc.) "out of the box".  For me, and probably others who just want to use the board without having to debug the hardware/software, it's a bit of a worry.  I'd love to use this board but it's hard to justify spending time on it without updated software that completely supports the hardware.

I've looked around and I'm seeing "curated" images provided by other communities (Sunxi or Armbian) or forum members -- this is a terrific contribution but I don't think it's reliable long term.  And, not to fault these voluntary contributions, but they don't appear to completely support all the hardware either.

Are the Pine64 developers planning to get behind the hardware and put together official (meaning not "community contributions") images that are up-to-date (Debian Jessie with 4.x.y kernel) and provide full support for all hardware?  Is there any intention to provide such support?  A roadmap or timeline for getting it done?

Just curious.  Am hoping for some positive news...

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