Pine A64+ 2GB can´t boot
(03-29-2017, 05:27 AM)Luke Wrote: Try the troubleshooting steps.

It will be easier to determine whats causing the issue.

Edit: the debian image you've used is very outdated. If you need debian then please try Armbians variant ... you can also use ubuntu base

I had review the troubleshootings steps with no luck:
  • Tried several Cards
  • Tried several images
  • Make the images from Windows and Linux
  • Test power supply
  • Deatach all but power supply and SD Card
I have seen that in the first versions of the board there were problems with the SDRAM, and it appear very similar as my problem (DRAM DQS gate training error), that is why I ask for others things that can cause that error .

I would be grateful if someone from Pine64 support would tell me how to proceed with a replacement board.

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