camera port details?
(12-15-2015, 09:33 PM)peteforde Wrote:
Quote:The camera interface is parallel and camera module is HiMax. The whole module spec from Bonsen Kexin most in Chinese but you still can harvest the info. We plan to post the schematic once got clearance from our technical partners. Here is the datasheets link:

Could anyone take a stab at explaining the relative difference between MIPI and parallel camera interfaces? Is one arguably better?

I have worked extensively with the folks (in China) at Arducam. They make excellent Pi Cameras that have lens mounts attached. We have hundreds in production and will soon have thousands more.

Not only is the quality great but note that they are actually improved upon the stock Pi camera in that they give access to the STROBE and FREX lines on the board - not that there's currently a way to utilize them. Unfortunately the firmware is locked down hard by IP restrictions and it's maddening trying to reverse engineer it.

Anyhow, I bring all of this up because I would very much love to use the Pine64+ instead of the Pi due to the 64-bit processor + GigE + RTC. However, the camera is my primary application so if I can help get the Arducam engineers working on a module that would make the Pine 64 a near drop-in replacement for the Pi 2 B, it's in my interest to do so.

I am happy to make introductions, in the least.

And to anyone skeptical: putting a real lens on a cost-effective 5MP camera is a beautiful thing.

How did this work out?

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