Got your PINE64 board yet? Post here!
(03-16-2016, 09:27 AM)jammersplace Wrote: I got mine yesterday. The box is in perfect condition but I did notice that the board is bent a little. I believe this had to have happened during production. I am also having issues getting it to power on. The light just stays red. I've tried a couple of different power adapters. I will keep trying things to rule stuff out.

Try to remove and insert the sd card again. You may need to do this several times. This problem is at RasPi2.

(03-16-2016, 12:38 PM)JulianM Wrote: For example:
The packaging of my Raspberry Pi 2 was in perfect condition, but the RasPi 2 was a little bit bent.
That could be really normal and doesn't affect the operational airworthiness.

Have to disagree. I have RasPi2 OEM, was without branded box. It no bending. In addition, such bending can lead to sad consequences, namely the emergence of micro cracks in the PCB. If you put it into the housing and screw the bolts (fix) due to changes in temperature (not extreme changes), you will see micro cracks due to natural cycles of heating and cooling (on - off). Micro cracks appear due to the presence of bending and the presence of internal tension, which will vary under the impact of temperatures.

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