Linking the boards to make a server?
Short answer, yes. Start with learning TCP/IP stack configuring Windoze, or Linux (name your poison). Networking is what makes a server a server. A client is usually a network client that talks to a server. Step 1, pick your OS of choice to implement your server on. Decide who your clients are going to be. Also decide if your 'server' is going to be a 'client' to something else. (e.g. probably does not apply to minecraft, but a lot of these boards are clients of media services, streaming services) I am not a gamer, but a MineCraft 'server' to me implies a server endpoint, that many minecraft players (clients) can play together...just taking a SWAG at this... probably a few upfront details, not related to minecraft that need to be understood, networking is probably one of them. At this point, I am not sure thinking of your 'endpoint' (a mindcraft server), is going to render much, but the individual little pieces that need to be understodd will give you the building block to find that end result. 2cents.

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