nexdock (laptop style HDMI display w/ BT keyboard/touchpad)
Came across the NexDock on IndieGoGo, a laptop styled miniHDMI 14" 1366x768 screen, with Bluetooth 4 Keyboard / Touchpad, 2x USB and a 38Wh battery.  

It also comes with a TF card slot and 3.5mm audio jack; the exact usage of which I've not found yet.

It doesn't appear to have any USB B type ports, so I'm guessing the keyboard / touchpad is BT only and not available via USB.  I assume the audio jack is also BT.  Zero clue how to use the TF slot.

Personally for hobby stuff I was using a Hairer HLT71 which I got on clearance at Target for less than $50. It only has RCAs, and a pretty horrible 7" 416x234 resolution.  Since everything has been going HDMI I've beep keeping my eyes open for a cheap clearance/refurb portable HDMI tv/monitor.

I opted to back it at $99, thinking that a 14" HDMI display would at least cost that much, BT keyboard w/ touchpad, and 10,000mAh battery pack built-in being a bonus.

Thoughts?  Ever seen anything similar?  Anyone interested for their Pine64?

I'm hoping they hit their goals and actually ship.

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nexdock (laptop style HDMI display w/ BT keyboard/touchpad) - by neoaeon - 02-26-2016, 04:32 PM

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