Shipping battery to Europe
(02-20-2016, 03:46 AM)makimoki Wrote: The description of the lithium battery states that it ships internationally for IoT, Media Box, and Playbox packages.

Is this limited to a single battery or is it possible to order several batteries with a single playbox package ?

To clarify, I think to ship the battery, it has to be in situ, i.e. actually connected up to the main Pine unit. Obviously you can't connect up more than one battery, so you wouldn't be able to order multiple batteries with a single playBOX package.

Having said that, people have reported problems adding the battery to their Backerkit even with the playBOX kit, so I am not sure what the exact status is on battery shipments. Carriers are reluctant to carry them at the moment due to increased risk. (You may have seen pictures in the news of those so-called 'hoverboards' catching fire - those faulty batteries are the cause of this current battery shipping issue).

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