ARM processor Emulation
(02-19-2016, 07:05 AM)lord_lethris Wrote: I Havant got mine yet (its on its way hopefully, my kickstarter pledge said "March").
However, i'd love to get a heads up with my project.
Is there a decent ARM Emulator out there that works with windows, so I can start creating an OS on an SD card.

VirtualBox and VMWare doesn't have Processor emulation.

I know QEMU does, but that seems to have some weird Voodoo and it feels like I spend more time figuring out how to use it or start a VM - than I do actually using it.  I'm sure its good if you have a PHD in rocket science, but I don't.
any help or hints would be great.

If I need to build a Linux VM, then use that to build the OS for Pine64, then I'll do that instead.
(there seems to be a lot of stuff about creating ARM QEMU, but all the instructions are about building it under Linux - the forums seem to be riddled with fan-boys who aren't very "window users" friendly and start getting cocky when you mention "can I do this under windows"). 


The Linux VM may happen in Pine A64 very soon. Stays tune.

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