[PINE A64+ 2GB] Ubuntu - Losing Signal
Hi folks.
Well, I got some issues trying to make my Pine64 works. I have made an Ubuntu boot at my Pine64 and after few seconds using the OS, I just lost my signal. After that, I tried again, but now It does not work, after LogIn, Signal gone.
Also, I would say that the same happend with some Android and RemixOS Image, I mean, runned great at first time, but, after 10 or 60 seconds I just lost my signal. I even have tried using a LCD Image (android-ver5.1.1-lcd-version-20160603-pine64-phoenixCard) burned with PhoenixCard_V310_20130618 at Setup Module at my LG Monitor Flatron W2252tq and using a 1024x resolution and I got no signal, none at all.

Can someone help me?

Here's some information:
-I'm using a LG lcd 42LD460;
-HDMI without any adapter;
-DD imagem xubuntu-xenial-mate-20161215-longsleep-pine64-8GB burned with Win32DiskImager;
-MicroSDCard Class 10, 16GB;
-PINE A64+ 2GB board;
-PSU 5V 2A;

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[PINE A64+ 2GB] Ubuntu - Losing Signal - by Arlanps - 02-09-2017, 07:58 PM

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