pine64 not booting
(02-06-2017, 12:49 PM)bgwATbewas Wrote: Hi there,
I get it installed and up running with Debian. It was continuously on for several days, with some pauses when I shut it down. Then I moved with it to our second home and there i did not get it up anymore. I noted that it did something and got through some initial steps, but then it shut down itself. Now does not even show any signs of activity. When plugged in the red led is on, but no signs of activity. I checked the micro SD card and it seems OK as far as I can see. Any ideas where to start looking for a solution.
Regards Björn

If i whereyou, i would first try to make a new installation on a different sd-card m8.
If that works, there is something wrong with your current installation.
otherwise there might be a problem with your board.

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