Need help with boot options
Ive looked around but im not seeing where the options are for me to boot to terminal instead of the gui desktop. Id like to be able to startx into the desktop on occasion but I only use it in terminal most of the time so the desktop isnt needed all the time.

I tried the grub option but Grub doesnt exist with this image so thats no help.

(12-18-2016, 11:56 AM)longsleep Wrote: I decided to roll a new Ubuntu Xenial image which is not using the proposed repository. Starting from 20161218-1, Xenial images now use the latest released rootfs to improve repository compatibility. Eg. this makes it possible again, to install the mate desktop environment (whose dependencies are broken when using the proposed repo like before).

Get 20161218-1 from

As always, for a list of changes and full details see the first post in this thread.

this is my image at current, using the xfce desktop. ive got ssh installed and im fully updated. I just cant figure out how to change the boot settings.

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