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assistantpine, a working idea for a distro
(01-20-2017, 09:27 AM)tohipfortheroom Wrote:
AssistantPine Developement 

I have been working roughly 80 hours a week, so i have had a lack of time to focus on bigger projects, aka TV64 and or ChromiumOS, but i couldn't sleep last night, probably to much coffee. but i had a good idea of something id like work with the pine community on, due to time issues on my part i will need some help or assistance for this, and it is in the very basic, i have an idea, and a very basic blueprint on a plan of action. here is the idea. In the last 4 or 5 years, the virtual assistant has grown to be very powerful, amazon,google, apple and windows all have there's. Where is the Pure Linux one? and even better answer, where is the pine one? That is what i want to try to get started, my base idea, is to work off some of the work that's all ready been done in the Linux world. SemiCode OS, is a development based Ubuntu distribution, they have done some great work with what they call Sarah. you can check it out here and of course with amazon releasing the source code of Alexa for Linux there is promise for this idea. 

Mission Statement for this Project

I want to build a small base distribution for the pine64, that then could act as a hub or a standalone unit, loaded with the AI, then this main unit could then be used to manage any other units on the same network, basically a home-kit type idea. So step one would be to strip Ubuntu down and build around with Sarah, then work with code for touch screen's etc.I will have time this Sunday to work on this idea, and some more outlining on how this can work, right now I am curious, if anyone else thinks this would be a worth idea. Also any idea's that would be worthwhile to look into surrounding this idea would be awesome. 

Send an Email for a invite to the slack team

I have learned that slack is the best way for developers to get work done, if your interested pm for more information on help or if your really interested in helping. shoot me a email and i'll add you to the slack team 

Follow the progress at Trello 

Interesting project and I have already send you an email. On last month, I have studies to add mic and speaker to PINE64. Pine64 has I2S out and in, this allows stereo mems mic inout using I2S method and also digital amplifier with accept I2S. I will get the prototype board up on February,

P/S: Can help on reference to "her" movie :-)

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