Power Cord & SD Card
Not sure Pine Inc will cover you on that, since by your own admission you misplaced them. Anyway, you could try contacting support:


Or you could try and source your own replacement power supply and microSD card. Power supply needs to be 5V 2A minimum. Amperage (A) can be higher, but should not really be lower than that. Voltage should be 5V or thereabouts - some might be 5.1V, or 5.2V, possibly even 5.3V - this helps to mitigate some of the voltage drops caused by the inefficiency of the micro USB connection as a stable conduit of power. Providing power to the board via the Euler bus is recommended, but that is something for another discussion, perhaps.

Most microSD cards will work. Samsung Evo (Plus) cards have become recommended, due to their solid performance in terms of random read/write speeds. Many microSD cards prioritise linear read and write speeds over random r/w - traditionally, the class of card is not much of an indicator of random r/w performance.

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