Current known limitations of Pine64
First off: this post does not aim to discredit Pine's efforts in bringing this KS to reality.
Instead, it's to highlight the current limitations (as of 16 Feb 2016) of the Pine, so that users can make informed decisions on their pledge / purchases.

All information here are consolidated from various threads that have been discussed in this forum / from KS.
Credit goes to original posters of the information.

If i'm missing some stuff or I've not placed the correct facts here, please let me know and I'll amend them accordingly.

So here's the list:

1) HD video from Netflix (don't even go to 4K on this topic)
Looking at this article, we know that Netflix does not certify a lot of hardware for HD readiness.
So in this case, if you are looking to use Pine64 as a media center, you may be hit with this limitation.
No idea if there are any workarounds at the moment.

2) Linux: running Linux on Pine64 is not ready *yet*.
Based on discussions here, Allwinner's (I'll refer to them as AW from here on) SBCs are known to work well with Android, but not Linux.
It appears that team Pine A64 went into this thinking that they will be able to get Linux running with support from the community, and not knowing the limitations. If tllim's next meet up with AW can't get them to release all documentation to anyone who has not signed an NDA (aka the community), full Linux compatibility may be an issue (or will take a long time to get things fully working).

From the discussion in armbian, we also get to know that SoCs powered via micro usb may face power issues if one plugs in too many device / components. So this is a thing to watch for if you get sudden black outs / reboots.

Linux support is actually quite a big thing to me. I had been hoping to be able to run Linux on the Pine.
If Linux could run properly, a LOT of children and schools from the poor / developing communities can really benefit from this.
Imagine empowering them with the power of computing at such a low cost.
I really hope Linux development can take off.

3) No HDCP 2.2 support
This is not on the Pine64 due to licensing (5 figure fee per annum according to tllim)

4) Ram limit
Currently, this SoC can only support up to 3GB of ram. Whether this option will be available during Backerkit release, we do not know.
For 2 or 3GB on Android, I think that's more than enough.

That's all for now.

This is my first SBC purchase and I'm just trying things out. If Linux can take off, then I'll most likely have plans to distribute these.
Worst case scenario that it doesn't, then I'll just use the Pine64 as an entertainment unit for my kids. Smile

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