Here Is another mini-how-to to install Raspbian:DESKTOP/ETHERNET/HDMI
So while on the internet, I stumbled upon an Image of Raspbian for the pine64, it is technically for the banana pi64, but hardware is identical.

 It just so happens this is probably the easiest initial start for anyone new to pine64. First download the link here:

Unzip the folder to get the .img file, and burn the Image to a minimum 8Gb class4 sd card. Once you have got the sd card ready to boot, plug in your hardware you want to use, and boot. HDMI wont boot up instantly, so the first boot really just decompresses .img to its folders and files.

 Shutdown your pine64, put sd card into your windows or mac, or Linux to read the disk, you are looking for Config.txt open this file. Remove the #'s for the commands you want, such as HDMI, save file, eject.

 Now put the sd card back into your pine and boot, you will have linux penguins for a moment, then you will boot into the desktop with USB, Ethernet, HDMI all working. Now you can do raspberry pi projects with your pine64.

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