debian i2c-dev
I'm new to this so please don't be too hard on me.

I'm setting up an ADS1115 and I have it connected. (nothing being measured yet)

On the pine, I when I run
sudo i2cdetect -y 1
I can see that the ADS1115 is showing up at spot 48

sudo i2cdetect -y 0
shows nothing connected, all "--"

These are my two separate busses, right?

I try to run the sample script
sample code that is part of the github example for the ADS1115 and it returns a runtime error -
"Could not determine default I2C bus for platform"

I'm lost at what to do to fix it.
I've tried changing the python script to look specifically at address=0x48 on busnum=1, but I get the same error.

On another note, I tried adding i2c-dev to /etc/modules so that it will load and I don't have root access and cannot determine the password - does anyone know what the root password is for debian mate on the pine from longsleep? i've tried debian, password, root and all sorts of things but can't get in to change that /etc/modules file.

Thanks for your help.

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