resize root partition to max available space SD card can provide
(11-18-2016, 02:14 PM)bilylilyli Wrote: hi, when I run '/usr/local/sbin/', it showed '-bash: /usr/local/sbin/ permission denied'. Is there any problem with the download?

Probably not... I forgot to document a step! Blush

After downloading the script, but before running it (so immediately after the curl / wget line), you need to do a chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/ to make the script executable otherwise it won't run! Wink

@YSam: No problem... we're all learning this together, and everyone has to start somewhere! Wink I'll just point out that pine64 didn't provide any of the linux distros - they provided the Android 5.1.1 builds, and all the linux stuff has come from hard work of the sunxi-linux developers and longsleep. Longsleep put together the ubuntu distro, and continues to maintain that. Lenny put together the debian distro, but doesn't appear to be maintaining it any longer, so known issues and bugs which are only documented on the forum rather than on the downloads pages so they don't keep coming up again time after time are becoming increasingly more common (such as the broken package dependencies). For a more rewarding experience, I would strongly suggest you look at either longsleeps ubuntu build (which does have a script in install/configure the desktop environment if you want it) or if you don't need a desktop environment / GUI (for now at least) have a look at Armbian (legacy kernel) - which you can get in debian and ubuntu flavours Wink

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