Using Pine cluster for Docker Swarm
Some answers that I have come up with:

1) OS

Went with Ubuntu base instead, because there are docker packages specifically available for the ubuntu base and arm64 architecture.

2) Shared Storage

For now, just sticking with SD storage.

3) microSD storage per board

Went with 32GB to start

4) Accessing over the internet via SSH

noip is a breeze. I also have an ASUS RT-N56U router that i've got my two boards plugged into. I've set up the port forwarding on the router to route SSH to one of the boards, then I just ssh into the other boards via LAN IP.

The major gotcha is the arm architecture. There is limited support in Docker images for the arm64 architecture, but there is some. I figure I will need to rebuild the images for arm. Some great base images i've discovered:
- Alpine image. Makes a great base for several official Docker images

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