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(02-09-2016, 10:21 AM)MikeJewski Wrote: Has anyone been able to find any large LCD screens that utilize the MIPI connection that the Pine has? I have been looking around, but can't seem to find anything. Also, any idea how large of a screen the Pine can drive without requiring an external power source?

The Pine utilises a DSI interface to connect the screen to the PCB. You may have more luck searching for DSI monitor/LCD/screen than MIPI. Not sure how 'plug and play' buying a screen would be regarding drivers and compatibility and stuff.

As to screen size limit before needing external power, I don't know how the power is allocated/managed for different parts of the board. I'm fairly sure that the size of the screen is not as important as the power the screen consumes. You could have a small, inefficient screen. Or a large yet efficient one. Though logic would argue that in general a bigger screen would consume more power.

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